Healthcare & Hospital Systems

          Internal and External Communications

newsPRos helps healthcare systems and hospitals communicate more effectively with their employees, patients, funders and other internal and external stakeholders. Our firm provides support for communications audits, media coverage analyses, identity analyses, and competitive analyses. We then develop effective communications plans based on our findings for organizations nationwide.  The firm manages media outreach through its extensive nationwide network of reporter and editor contacts covering the healthcare sector.

Major Gifts, Partnerships, Expansions and Medical Advances

As healthcare systems and hospitals grow, improve, gain resources or achieve medical breakthroughs, they turn to newsPRos to help them spread the good news. Our firm’s network of connections with health and medical journalists and media decision makers gets our clients the headlines, broadcast and electronic coverage they need to attract and sustain positive attention for their achievements.

Personnel News

When healthcare systems and hospitals acquire new talent or their existing personnel earn honors, awards or other positive recognition, newsPRos gets them the recognition and news coverage they deserve.  Our firm also helps identify opportunities for medical and healthcare personnel to earn recognition for their accomplishments and achievements, including helping distinguished professionals create winning nominations for national and international honors and awards in their fields of practice.

Crisis Management

When crises occur in healthcare settings – whether as a result of a natural disaster, human error or an unforeseeable accident or event – newsPRos provides around-the-clock  resources to manage the media. These include message development, media liaison services, spokesperson training and expert counsel. Our firm also works with our healthcare and medical clients to prepare and update crisis communication plans, well in advance of their being needed.

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