Once we know your needs and goals, newsPRos creates a media strategy, drafts messages, and provides media training if necessary. We craft targeted pitches with information that resonates and provide them to reporters who are covering your issues. And even in today’s world of e-communication, we use the phone and talk with reporters, still the best way to create relationships and convey any story.

"I appreciated the fact that you called me with something that was actually in my courthouse; 99% of the calls I get are for suits that have nothing to do with what I cover, or the courthouse I’m in. I appreciated that!
    -Courthouse beat reporter

newsPRos has a sterling reputation among reporters. When we call or email, they listen and respond. Reporters depend on us, and we don’t let them down. That’s what keeps them coming back, and what keeps our clients in the news.

And when our clients don’t want to be in the news, we act as a buffer between you and reporters, leveraging our relationships and expertise to help achieve your goals.

Messaging & Strategy
Whenever you interact with the media, your brand, issue and reputation are at stake. newsPRos works with you to create messages that resonate with key constituencies. Those messages are the foundation of your communications strategy.

Written Collateral Media Materials
The currency of reporters is information and newsPRos provides it in whatever format is the most useful, whether a press release, quick email, backgrounder, white paper or links to background research. Whatever it takes to insure reporters will find your story interesting, get both the big picture and the details and understand your messages, we draft it, edit it and pitch it to the right journalists for that topic.

Media Audits
We conduct media audits to analyze how your brand or issue has fared in the media. We then craft and implement a strategy that builds your brand, advocates for your issue or cause and conveys your messages to key audiences.

Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social media sites promote an unprecedented level of communication with the world. Americans now spend almost a quarter of their online time on social media sites. However, without effective and honed messaging as well as monitoring and knowledge of how this medium works, you can easily be left out of the dialogue.

newsPRos incorporates social media into your overall communications strategy to take advantage of media opportunities and ensure you are included in the discourse.

newsPRos will help you develop an online presence to reach your audience. Our Web specialists audit your current site and social media strategy and results, and then they develop and implement a social media campaign to support your goals.

newsPRos monitors and protects your reputation with a social media monitoring plan staffed and executed as needed.

Bylines / OpEds - Writing & Placement
An article with your byline targeting your audience is an ideal platform to convey your message, maintaining complete control over the content. newsPRos ghost writes articles and places your bylines in publications that deliver your message.

"You again! You guys have some rock star press people."
Email to a newsPRos law firm client from a competitor law firm

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