There’s an old adage that “an interview is a bad time for an original thought.”  We agree. That’s why newsPRos prepares you for interactions with the media. We'll share our knowledge of news making and our relationships with reporters to get you ready to meet the press.

A well-thought-out messaging strategy is a great first step, but without effective delivery your messages may be lost, along with opportunities to engage and influence your target audience. newsPRos helps you create your message points and deliver them with confidence and skill.

Our media training is not one-size-fits-all. Because clients have varying levels of experience and comfort with the media and not all interviews require the same level of preparation, your media training will be customized for you. You'll get all the support you need to be a good communicator.

We guarantee you will be prepared for your media interactions, be it a 10-minute phone interview with a print or online publication, a live segment on a nationally syndicated radio program or an adversarial interview on a network television talk show. Training ensures you're ready for reporters’ curve ball questions by equipping you to handle any interview style and stay on your message.

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