newsPRos has the team and relationships to create and execute an integrated communications strategy that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.  We are a flat organization for a good reason. Your communications are too important to hand over to untested professionals.  Every member of the newsPRos team has the maturity and experience to make critical judgment calls that represent you and your positions. We have been talking with reporters for decades. We know how to respond to their questions, and we know your business and your issues. Reporters recognize, respect, and listen to us because we are knowledgeable and helpful.  With newsPRos, you know exactly who will be speaking to the media and any other constituents on your behalf.

“newsPRos really does a great job…..they understand my concerns as a reporter and make my job easier. A lot of in-house PR press people don’t really know how to do that.”
     -Rreporter from an industry trade publication to an AmLaw50 law firm partner

“Everyone here loves working with your guys. You are doing a terrific job for your clients and I hope they realize how well regarded your team is among the legal media."
     -Managing Editor wire service

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