Publishing houses may be skilled at working with authors in producing, packaging and distributing books for market, but savvy authors turn to newsPRos to help gain media exposure. If you have been in Barnes & Noble or on you know that competition is fierce. newsPRos is especially proud of its work on behalf of reporters who have authored books and have come to us to promote them. It is the ultimate compliment to be asked by a reporter, normally on the receiving end of your work, to promote his or her book. We’ve provided media relations for Forbes’ and New York Times’ reporters, as well as a former governor and U.S. Attorney General and a former Assistant Secretary at DHS. Additionally we have promoted memoirs and university press publications. We work in partnership with the publishing house’s internal PR team or mount a full-scale, multi-city media tour on our own.

newsPRos held my hand through every step of my book launch. The firm dreamed up media opportunities—big and small—that were well beyond the scope and imagination of a publicity team at a traditional publishing house."

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